Linked list illustration

Linked Lists are data structures that are similar to arrays but do not possess indexes, rather, the head node points to the next node in memory.

Linked list as the name implies are lists of nodes that are linked together. They are similar to arrays and hash tables but are more dynamic which means that values can be inserted in the middle of a list without collision or order.

Array manipulation is a hot topic in JavaScript since it is a weakly typed programming language. In an interview, you could be asked to write a program that merges the 2 arrays namely arraya1 and arraya2. In this article, I would demonstrate how 2 arrays can be merged together. Lets dive in…

Step 1: Declare the 2 arrays in different variables.

Variable declarations

Step 2: Write a function that accepts 2 arrays as parameters: Here, we write a function (mergerArray) that accepts 2 inputs/parameters. The other variables in are created for the below purposes:

arrayHome: This would accept all elements of the…

Uzochukwu Ben Amara

Frontend developer with passion for programming. Currently working as a Frontend Developer with Sociocapital Impact Group

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